In consideration of the opportunity to utilize Mentor Graphics products licensed to School, Student acknowledges and agrees to the following:

Software licensed to School (Licensed Software) is trade secret or confidential information of Mentor Graphics or its licensors. Student shall not reverse-assemble, reverse-compile, or otherwise reverse-engineer Licensed Software, in whole or in part.

Student shall maintain the confidentiality of Licensed Software and shall not disclose or provide Licensed Software, documentation or any other information regarding Licensed Software to any third party. Student shall not remove any Licensed Software or documentation from the classroom or laboratory.

In the event that Student wishes to publish a thesis, results of any study or any other document which refers to either Mentor Graphics and/or the Licensed Software Student shall provide a draft of such proposed publication to Mentor Graphics and obtain Mentor Graphics. prior written consent.

The provisions of this Confidentiality Agreement shall survive the termination of the Mentor Graphics Educational License Agreement between School and Mentor Graphics.