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Slovo úvodem

From winter 2002 there is dual OS boot with Windows 7 and Linux on all PC of CVT FIT. For Linux, we use CentOS distro with added SW where necessary.

If you have any comment or question, you can use e-mail


Basic work with Linux
  • Starting the system

    after start/restart of the PC the dialog fo OS selection is shown. Yuo can choose Windows 7 or Linux. Last entered value will be saved as default for newxt system start. For linux you can login with your unix account (the same as for servers eva or kazi).

    Swith between text and graphic mode is with CTRL-ALT-Fn where n is number of console. 1 is for graphical session, 2-5 is for text one.

    In text mode, login screen looks like this:

    CentOS release 7 (Core)
    Kernel 4.4.147 on an x86_64

    You can then enter you login name and after


    enter your unix password. Login shell is stared and you will see prompt like this:

    xkaspa06@merlin ~>

    If you need more information about the shell, use manual pages via man bash.

  • Finishing your work

    If you need to leave the machine, logout (with commands exit or logout) and do not restart or switch off the machine.

  • After login

    After login you get your home directory from eva or kazi. All restrictions for file sizes, count and total disk space occupied apply here the same as on these servers. You can use some disk space on merlin server mapped to /pub on all machines. The /pub/tmp is available for everybody, but cleaned up after some time of not being used.

Linux servers

For maintenance, data sharing etc, there is linux server If servers shared drive mapped on /pub and SVN/GIT repos for school projects.

Problems, comments, questions

Contact the administator of Linux machines and merlin server via


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