All students at FIT are assigned an account on faculty student Unix server eva.fit.vutbr.cz. This server receives all mail for students. Personal web púages may be created here as well. An official e-mail address for students at FIT is

Any e-mail notifications concernig study will be delvered here. According study and examination rules students are required to use this address for communication with faculty staff. If you wish to forward mail from this address somwhere else you should use .procmailrc.

Unix account is used to login (without domain) (see student's account and data security).

Reading e-mail

There are several ways to read your e-mail:

A. Keep mail on server eva and read it using local program mutt or alpine - after login over ssh (in Windows use Putty).
B. Keep mail on server eva and read it remotely using program over IMAP4 protocol (Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Android/K9-Mail, etc.). If you do not want or cannot configure e-mail client you can use web email https://roundcube.fit.vutbr.cz or https://email.fit.vutbr.cz.
C. You may redirect mail to different server. This may be a bit tricky. A delivery failure may cause flood of error messages in your mailbox. If you still want to redirect yourt mail, follow guidelines at e-mail redirection and sorting. If some e-mail is not delivered due to an error in redirection you may miss an important study information.
Using options A or B your mail is accessibler from any computer connected to Internet, mailbox size is not limited and incomming mail is checked against viruses and malware.

Sending and receiving e-mail

According to BUT Computer Network Operating Regulations [PDF] sender's address must be identical with his/her official address. Use of non-official e-mail server in BUT network is prohibited. Such servers are prevented from sending e-mail at BUT firewall. Sending spam and other materials in contradiction to principles of reasonable use of BUT and CESNET2 networks are considered transgression of BUT Computer Network Operating Regulations [PDF]. The size of both sended and delivered messages is limited to 32MB including all attachements. Messages are automatically checked on undesirable contents while both sending and receiving and may be rejected or discarded. If you send message with dangerous contents you will receive notification of rejection or discard of attachement. Notifications of discarded incomming maessages are not send since there are even thousands of such messages during virus or spam storms. Overview of undelivered dangerous messages may be found in FIT information system.

Limits on delivered mail

The size of incomming mailbox is not limited. However for archiving sake it is recommended to keep the size of incomming mailbox (INBOX) below 1GB. This means you should read your mail, and old messages should be either deleted or moved to other mailboxes.

Parameters for setting IMAP4 client

Sender's addresslogin@stud.fit.vutbr.czYou are obliged to use your oficial address
SMTP serversmtp.stud.fit.vutbr.czSMTP server for outgoing mail
SMTP port25May be used in need, some ISP block this port
SMTP port587Port 587 is intended for sumbitting e-mail messages, requires authentication (i.e. Unix login and password). Since theese values are sent in clear text form you need to use encrypted communication (SSL/TLS). However MS Outlook does not support STARTLS command on other port than 25 so in this case you have to use port 465
SMTP port465Port 465 is designed for SMTP over SSL (i.e. w/o STARTTLS command). You may nedd to use this port in Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird will accept this setting as well.
SMTP over SSLyesDuring SMTP authentication the passord is sent in clear text so use of encrypted connection is necessary
AuhtenticationyesAuthentication is required (i.e. Unix login and password - attention, login only, not the whole e-mail address). Do not check SPA box (Outlook - Secure Password Authentication) - this is not supported
IMAP serverimap.stud.fit.vutbr.czIMAP server for reading mail
IMAP port993 IMAP protocol sends username and password in clear text so encrypted communication channel is required. Alternatively port 143 with STARTLS mey be used.
IMAP over SSLyesRemote access is permitied over encrypted channel only.
Root folder Path to root folder must be empty. The real local location of mailboxes is $HOME/mail
Ph.D. students, i-account
Sender's addresslogin@fit.vutbr.czonly these three parameters differ, for the rest see above
SMTP serversmtp.fit.vutbr.cz
IMAP serverimap.fit.vutbr.cz
Note: this may seem quite complicated. However both MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird support autoconfiguration.

Mailbox blocking

The mailbox is blocked whenever user account is blocked, e.g. when study at FIT is terminated. When account is unblocked mailbox is accessible again.

The size of mailbox is not limited. You are strongly recomended to keep the size below 1GB limit. Messages which you want to preseerve may be moved to some other mailboxes on the server. In the similar way you are advised to keep the size of sent mail mailbox. The reason is the load of backup server. These mailboxes are changed almost daily so they are backed up every day even during differential backups which grow significantly.

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