Each student of the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) is assigned an account on student's server eva.fit.vutbr.cz. Login name and initial password is assigned by the network administrator. For new students it is the same as that one for Windows systems. For security reasons users should change the password at the first login using command passwd.

Server eva.fit.vutbr.cz offers these services:

  • electronic mail
  • personal Web pages
  • access to other Internet services

Receiving and Redirecting E-mail

Mailbox on server eva.fit.vutbr.cz is assigned for the whole stay at the Faculty.

Please do note wrong redirection of e-mail may produce high load of the server and you may loose all redirected messages if the target mailbox is unavailable (locked) or full.

If you really need to redirect e-mail elswhere follow the guide in How to Defeat Spam. At the end of the article you may find example of redirecting with procmail delivery filter.

Blocking mailboxes

Mailbox is blocked when student account is disabled due to any reason, e.g. terminating of study at the Faculty. The mailbox is unlocked when the account is re-enabled.

The size of mailbox is not limited. The limit of 100 MB may be imposed when user does not follow the Guide for Using E-mail at BUT. If the size of mailbox is close to this limit some problems may occur - e-mail clients may be short of space for manipulating with mailboxes. It is advised to remove old messages from the incoming mailbox or move them to some other location.

Accessing E-mail on Server Eva

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