[INFO]Educational Software License

Software installed on Computer Centre Laboratory computers may be licensed for educational purposes only. Prior using any software check if desired use complies with appropriate license. Licenses for main commercially distributed packages may be found here:
Campus Licence
This licence cover MS Office on lab workstations - for more details please check http://www.microsoft.com
MSDN Academic Alliance
This licence covers Microsoft developer tools and some operating systems on lab workstations - for more details please check http://msdn.microsoft.com
Rational Rose (IBM)
Note: software is already registred, please read just license specification: http://www-304.ibm.com/jct09002c/university/scholars/members/pdf/scholars-agreement-czechrepublic.pdf
Mentor Grpahics
Confidentiality agreement related to a non-commercial usage of Mentor Graphics' products licensed to FIT BUT can be found here. Please peruse before the first usage of the products!
License is here

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