[PRINT]Large format printing on Z3100 plotter


Z3100 plotter is placed in faculty library. It can use paper roll up to 44" wide.

Document Formats

Preferred document format is PDF. In case of large format photographs JPG or PNG is reasonable as well.

Paper Size

Minimal possible paper format is DIN A2, largest depends on paper width.

Most common papers are SemiGloss or Glossy coated papers:

  • 610mm wide, i.e. DIN A1 portrait or A2 landscape
  • 42" (107cm) wide, i.e. A0 portrait (requires manual cut of long edge) or A0 reduced to 90% landscape with no need of manual cut
  • non-standard formats depend on paper width, e.g. conference poster 90x60cm


Students and faculty staff should pay cost of material only which is about 300 Kč per A0 (1sqm). Plotter usage may be limited to research, science and study materials.

How to Print

Printing service is provided on-request, usually Wednesday 1pm. You may send a request to plotter@fit.vutbr.cz. Printjob should be named login.pdf. In case of too large PDF store it somewhere on the web and send a link.

Known Problems

  • Some color shift is possible. Sensitive posters may need test stripe.
  • Background colors should be light, textures are a bit risky - usually do not look nice and may increase printing time significantly.

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