Awards and Recognitions

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Kotásek Zdeněk
Acknowledgement from EUROMICRO for organising special session at DSD 2007
Acknowledgement from EUROMICRO (The European Organisation for Information Technology and Microelectronics) "Fault Tolerance in Digital Systems Design" at 10th EUROMICRO Conference on Digital Systems Design DSD 2007, Lübeck, Germany 
Martinský Ondrej
ACM Student Research Competition 2007
Hruška Tomáš
Award to Cisco Network Academy at FIT
Vašíček Zdeněk
BUT rector's prize
Prize was awarded for outstanding study results and for an excellent thesis.
Tobola Jiří
Competition "Diplomka roku 2007"
Competition of The best student project on the field of Software Engineering and Computer Science given by Profinit The committee awarded the project of Jiří Tobola, student of FIT BUT (topic: "Platform for Rapid Development of Network Devices").
Koriťák Jan
Košař Vlastimil
Lengál Ondřej
GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program in the Czech Republic
On behalf of the GE Foundation, the Institute of International Education conducts this competition at five selected Czech universities (Brno University of Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech University of Agriculture in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, Technical University of Ostrava) to identify accomplished second-year students in the fields of economics, management, engineering and technology. This scholarship is designed to assist these students develop their human capacity and leadership potential. Students will receive a total of € 3,000, the opportunity to participate in a work shadowing day, community service, and a summer seminar with Scholar-Leaders from Hungary, Poland and Romania. The 2007 winners of FIT BUT are: Jan Koriťák (2BIT), Vlastimil Košař (2BIT) a Ondřej Lengál (2BIT). 
Dvořák Václav
Jaroš Jiří
Ohlídal Miloš
Honorable mention
A honorable mention was awarded for an evolutionary design of collective communication schedules in The 2007 "HUMIES" (Human-Competitive results produced by genetic and evolutionary computation), that took place at the 2007 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2007) in London, England.
Drahanský Martin
Honorable Mentions
Best Paper Award of the INI-GraphicsNet 2007, Honorable Mentions for the paper "Liveness Detection based on Fine Movements of the Fingertip Surface".
Bidlo Michal
Martínek Tomáš
Stareček Lukáš
Vašíček Zdeněk
Jan Hlavička Award for Best Paper Presented at PAD 2007
The committee awarded presentation of PhD thesis and results presented at Working Seminary "Computer Architectures and Diagnostics" for PhD Students.
Kupčík Jan
Josef Hlavka Award 2007 for research results
Josef Hlavka Award is designated for talented bachelor, master and PhD students who have shown outstanding results and inventions in heir field and young talented researchers of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
Dudka Vendula
Letko Zdeněk
Prize of Zdena Rábová
Prize is awarded for excellent study and science results.
Honzík Jan M.
The Commemorative Medal of BUT (The Gold Medal)
The medal was awarded for development of university education.
Kobierský Petr
Málek Tomáš
Puš Viktor
The Honeywell Scholarship
The Honeywell Scholarship embraces this commitment by supporting the leading innovators of tomorrow in two important ways: The first, by offering outstanding students the financial and academic resources to complete their studies; and the second, through a distinctive internship program that seeks to mentor these same individuals through a paid summer internship at a Honeywell facility.
Martinský Ondrej
1st place in competition Master's Thesis of the Year, branch Informatics
Šturala Aleš
1st place in the competition Imagine Cup 2007
The team of students of Brno University of Technology won the 1st place in the competition Imagine Cup 2007 with Project Silent Books which is specialized in providing informations in sign language to deaf people.

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