Awards and Recognitions

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Basel Martin
Kmeť Martin
Matoušek Petr
Best Paper Award at KTTO 2014
Best Paper Award at KTTO 2014 was rewarded to Dr. Petr Matoušek, Ing. Martin Kmeť and Bc. Martin Basel for their paper "On-line Monitoring of VoIP Quality Using IPFIX".
Polčák Libor
Best PhD Project Award of ICETE 2014 Doctoral Consortium
Best PhD Student award of ICETE 2014 Doctoral Consortium was awarded to Libor Polčák for his contribution titled "Challenges in Identification in Future Computer Networks" supervised by Miroslav Švéda and Petr Matoušek.
Dvořák Václav
Hrbáček Radek
Bronze medal at Humies 2014 Competition (GECCO, Vancouver, Canada)
The Humies (Human Competitive Awards in Genetic and Evolutionary Computation) is a competition of innovative designs created by evolutionary algorithms. The authors were awarded for the evolutionary synthesis of bent Boolean functions (Bent Function Synthesis by Means of Cartesian Genetic Programming).
Mareček Matěj
First place in a show of best BSc. works (VUT+ČSOB)
Švéda Miroslav
Invited Paper
Dear Prof. We would like to invite you as Invited Speaker in Conferences in Salerno, Italy, June 3-5, 2014 The Conferences are organized and sponsored by 3 prestigious universities: * University of Salerno, Italy (In the buildings of this University the conference will take place) * Kingston University London, UK * International Black Sea University, Tbilisi, Georg Our Conference 5th International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Control, Signals (CSCS '14) have always world renowned Speakers and offer publication in the extended version of your paper in 6 ISI (Web of Science) Journals - with Impact Factor from ISI - after the conference.
Kekely Lukáš
Jan Hlavička Award for Outstanding Results in PhD Studies
The committee awarded Jan Hlavička Prize for outstanding results during PhD studies presented at seminar "Computer Architectures & Diagnostics" for PhD students, Malá Skála, 2014.
Kekely Lukáš
Josef Hlávka's Award
Josef Hlávka's Price for the best students and graduates of Prague public universities, Brno Technical University and young talented workers from Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
Dudka Kamil
Peringer Petr
Vojnar Tomáš
Kurt Gödel Medal from the FLoC Olympic Games 2014
The Predator tool for automated shape analysis of programs with dynamic linked data structures has been awarded the prestigious Kurt Gödel medal at the FLoC Olympic Games 2014 for its successes in three consecutive years of the international competition in software verification SV-COMP.
Zemek Petr
Prize of Dean
Prokopová Dagmar
Sochor Jakub
Prize of Zdena Rábová
Prize is awarded for excellent study and science results.
Dudka Kamil
Müller Petr
Peringer Petr
Vojnar Tomáš
Successful participation of the Predator and CPAlien tools in the international software verification competition SV-COMP'14
The Predator and CPAlien tools being developed by the VeriFIT group for automated analysis and verification of dealing with pointers and dynamic data structures participated in a successful way in the international software verification competition SV-COMP'14 associated with the prestigious conference TACAS'14. In particular, Predator won the silver medal in category Heap Manipulation and the bronze medal in category Memory Safety. Moreover, in these categories, it achieved the best result among tools with a sound treatment of dynamic memory. In addition, the new tool CPAlien scored 4th in the Memory Safety category.
Kunovský Jiří
The Commemorative Medal of BUT (The Silver Medal)
The medal was awarded for development of university education.
Sochor Jakub
The Rector's Award
The Rector's Award for excellent results in Master study programme and scientific research.
Beneš Karel
The Rector's Award
The Rector's Award for excellent study results.
Dittrich Petr
The Rector's Award
The Rector's Award for excellent scientific research.
Sochor Jakub
Thesis of the Year
Thesis of the Year is focused on support of IT students. 
Gajdušek Radek
Kreslíková Jitka
Werner von Siemens award 2013
2013 Werner von Siemens award

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