Courses taught in English - Academic Year 2017/2018

Below, you will find a list of courses which will be taught in English in the academic year 2017/2018. For more information contact please Ing. Michaela Studena.

Some useful advice:

  • Student enrolling study a course at FIT BUT is fully responsible for all consequences resulting from not commanding all prerequisite capabilities, knowledge and skills related to the enrolled study course. The lack of prerequisite knowledge may lead to failure in the final evaluation and examination and to the lost of relevant credits. Prerequisite requirements are commonly contained in the description of the prerequisite subject mentioned in the enrolled courses in the Course catalogue. The teacher of the course is not expected to take any special care of a student who lacks prerequisite requirements. In the case of late arrivals teachers are not obliged to provide additional instruction making up for the study matter missed.
  • In each course there is an internally specified minimal amount of enrolled students.
  • Students of courses that will not be opened due to lack of students' interest will be offered the possibility of applying for an alternative course.
  • Be so kind and use the abbreviations from table, as follows:
Course unit code Credits Course unit title Semester* Recommended for
IALe 5 Algorithms WS Bachelor
IELe 6 Electronics for Information Technology WS Bachelor
IFJe 5 Formal Languages and Compilers WS Bachelor
IJAe 5 Java Programming Language WS Bachelor
INCe 5 Digital Systems Design WS Bachelor
IPKe 5 Computer Communications and Networks WS Bachelor
IP1e** 5 Project Practice 1 WS Bachelor
ITTe** 5 Term Thesis WS Bachelor
ITUe 4 User Interface Programming WS Bachelor
ITWe 5 Web Design WS Bachelor
IZUe 4 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence WS Bachelor
PGPa 5 Advanced Computer Graphics (in English) WS Master
PGRe 5 Computer Graphics WS Master
POVa 5 Computer Vision WS Master
PP1e** 5 Project Practice 1 WS Master
ROBa 5 Robotics WS Master
SEPe** 5 Term Project WS Master
TAMa 5 Application Development for Mobile Devices WS Master
VYPa 5 Compiler Construction WS Master
DIPe** *** 13 Master's Thesis SS Master
IBTe** *** 13 Bachelor's Thesis SS Bachelor
IBTx 0 Bachelor's Thesis Abroad - Defence SS Bachelor
IDSe 5 Database Systems SS Bachelor
IMPe 6 Microprocessors and Embedded Systems SS Bachelor
IPPe 5 Principles of Programming Languages SS Bachelor
IPZe 4 Peripheral Devices SS Bachelor
IP1e** 5 Project Practice 1 SS Bachelor
IP2e** 5 Project Practice 2 SS Bachelor
MULe 5 Multimedia SS Master
PP1e** 5 Project Practice 1 SS Master
ROSa 5 Real-Time Operating Systems SS Master
SLOa 5 Complexity SS Master
TINe 5 Theoretical Computer Science SS Master
VIZa 5 Visualization and CAD SS Master
VNVe 5 High Performance Computations SS Master
XBT 13 BSc Thesis, Abroad SS Master

PhD course unit code PhD course unit title Semester*
TID Modern Theoretical Computer Science WS

* WS = Winter Semester; SS = Summer Semester.
**Enrollment in these courses depends on the availability of a supervisor who must be appointed before signing the Learning Agreement. Students interested in these courses are required to send their Transcripts of Records and specify the area(s) of their interest for project work by email to well in advance.
*** Bachelor's or Master's Thesis is a 13-credit course in the summer semester and it follows up a Term project (thesis) in the winter semester, which is a compulsory prerequisite.

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