Recognition of foreign secondary school diplomas

The Czech Republic is a party to international treaties on recognition of equivalence of documents concluded with Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Thus, school-leaving certificates and diplomas issued by primary schools, secondary schools, higher vocational schools and higher education institutions in these countries do not have to be officially validated, but only require equivalence certification.

Official validation of a school-leaving certificate or diploma issued by a foreign education institution means the recognition of validity of a secondary or other school-leaving certificate in the territory of the Czech Republic.

Official validation is effected upon application filed by the foreign educational institution graduate at the Department of Education of the Regional Authority in the region where the applicant has permanent residence in the Czech Republic. The validation is based on the submitted original counterpart of the foreign school-leaving certificate or diploma or its officially authenticated copy. In case the contents and scope of the subjects taught is not evident from the foreign school-leaving certificate or diploma, the applicant has to submit a framework contents of the study programme as well.


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