It is only through enrolment that you become a regular student of the FIT. The date of enrolment is indicated in the electronic application or in the news on the faculty.s homepage.

Before enrolment

You will need the following for the enrolment:
  • (optional) one photograph 3.5x4.5 cm legibly signed and provided with your personal identification number on the reverse side (if this is easier for you than supplying the photograph electronically on the website . a decent selfie on a light monochromatic background is sufficient);
  • identity card (other identity document, passport);
  • officially authenticated copy of the school-leaving certificate - you cannot be enrolled without providing proof of secondary education nostrification clause (https://www.vutbr.cz/en/students/recognition)
In the enrolment, you will sign to confirm an affidavit, you should study its contents in advance.

After enrolment

As soon as your enrolment has been processed, your initial password for BUT.s school-wide information system will become accessible in your electronic application. Using this password and your personal identification number (foreign nationals will use the birth code which is available in the Completed data tab), you can activate your account for the BUT information system on the initialisation page of the IS BUT by setting the BUTpassword. You will learn your personal number and BUTlogin upon activation. You will then use the BUTlogin (or personal number - the two are interchangeable) for the school-wide agendas.
  • Students are supposed to book an accommodation on-line by completing the Request for accommodation. It is extremely important to apply for accommodation well in advance. Furhtermore, students with visa obligation have to attach a confirmation on accommodation to their visa application - the confirmation will be sent to student via e-mail and to the particular Embassy via data box after delivery of all the visa application materials. For detailed information about the application (including deadlines), please refer to the ACS pages.
  • Another important step is to order the student identity card. At this page you can upload your photograph and select whether you wish to obtain the BUT student identity card or the ISIC card at a reduced price. You must provide the photograph and you must order the card. If you order the card in time (ideally by the end of July), you will receive it at the beginning of September. Otherwise, you will have no card during the first week of the semester (your colleagues will have to open the door for you and you will not receive lunch in the canteen). The student identity card serves as proof of studies under the law (Section 57 (1)(a) of the Act on Higher Education Institutions.
Both applications require verification using the BUTpassword, which can only be activated after the enrolment has been processed; it is common that this is done on the same day in the afternoon . you can activate the BUTlogin in the evening and apply for the dormitory on the next day.

Before the beginning of teaching

As a rule, teaching in the winter semester begins the last but one week in September; the exact date is determined by the Academic Calendar. You can visit the Faculty and collect the BUT student identity card or ISIC approximately from the first week in September (the exact date and instructions will be made available in the Study News).

The Faculty has its own information system accessible using the faculty account. A summary on when to use which account is provided in the document on accounts; the homepage of the information system contains a link to the Faculty login and password.

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