Seminars about IT in industry and business

FIT, in cooperation with its industrial partners, is organizing a series of special seminars aimed to introduce the current technical problems solved in the IT industry, technology and equipment deployment, professional challenges and needs in various IT fields with which the IT industry today faces like.

Our partners, who are interested in the realization of their seminar, please fill out this form (in czech only). The topic of the seminar will be published internally to students who have a vote to determine which seminars will be realized. The result of the voting will be presented to the partner.

FIT students have the opportunity to apply for the upcoming seminars (internally IS Registration for the event). The most demanded workshops will be subsequently selected and included to the calendar of seminars.

Seminars are held at the Faculty of Information Technology BUT in room A112 on Wednesdays from 18:00 to 20:00 unless stated otherwise.

Upcoming seminars

28.11.2018Clean Code by ARTIN

Previous seminars

15.2.2017Google Summer of Code - Your best oportunity for a summer job
29.3.2017Continuous integration and why should a good software engineer care
5.4.2017Volně dostupné nástroje vhodné pro studium informačních technologií
26.4.2017Industry 4.0 - RFID technologie v praxi
3.5.2017Image Processing in Electron Microscopy
9.10.2017Xamarin - development of mobile applications in C#
23.10.2017Jak jsme dělali IoT
6.11.2017Neuronové sítě v analýze obrazu z elektronového mikroskopu
15.2.2018Google Summer of Code - Your best oportunity for a summer job
21.3.2018Agile Project Management - jak vyhovět zákazníkovi, ale nefrustrovat programátory
7.11.2018IT technologie u Vojenského zpravodajství

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