Workshops, conferences and exhibitions

31.1-3.2.2018HiVisComp 2018
13.-15.10.2017MEMICS'17 - 12th Doctoral Workshop on Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science
3.5.2017Excel@FIT 2017 - Student Conference of Innovations, Technology and Science
1.-4.2.2017High Visual Computing 2017

Faculty Events

5.10.2018Homecoming 2018
17.9.2018 - 3.5.2019Kruhy na FIT
6.10.2017Homecoming 2017
16.9.201727. Erbovní slavnosti Králova Pole
15.-17.9.2017Start@FIT 2017


12.12.2018[FM] A. Meduna, Z. Krivka: Jumping Pure Grammars
6.12.2018[FM] R. Kocman: A Jumping 5'->3' Watson-Crick Finite Automata Model
28.11.2018Clean Code by ARTIN
15.11.2018Using Pot and LSD to improve ACID transactions
7.11.2018IT technologie u Vojenského zpravodajství
10.10.2018Invention practice/demo session
10.10.2018Using What I Learned in Testing to Invent Patents in Other Domains and Vice Versa
9.10.2018Innovation and Start-Ups: A View from a Full-Time Inventor
1.10.2018 - 30.6.2019Konzultace pro zájemce o podnikání v IT
17.9.2018 - 31.5.2019Start-up@FIT 2018 - Od nápadu k produktu
8.9.2018 - 30.4.2019IT a bezpecnost - seminár pro studenty SS 2018
12.4.2018The Commutativity Problem of MapReduce Programs
10.4.2018State of GraphQL in 2018
21.3.2018Agile Project Management - jak vyhovet zákazníkovi, ale nefrustrovat programátory
15.2.2018Google Summer of Code - Your best oportunity for a summer job
6.11.2017Neuronové síte v analýze obrazu z elektronového mikroskopu
1.11.2017[VGS-IT] Extracting transparent image layers for high-quality compositing
23.10.2017Jak jsme delali IoT
9.10.2017Xamarin - development of mobile applications in C#
18.9.2017 - 30.4.2018IT and security - workshop for high schools
10.5.2017[VGS-IT] Toward Intuitive Imagery: User Friendly Manipulation and Exploration of Images and Videos
3.5.2017Image Processing in Electron Microscopy
26.4.2017Industry 4.0 - RFID technologie v praxi
24.4.2017[VGS-IT] Neural Network Supported Acoustic Beamforming for Speech Enhancement and Recognition
5.4.2017Volne dostupné nástroje vhodné pro studium informacních technologií
29.3.2017Continuous integration and why should a good software engineer care
2.3.2017[VGS-IT] Tracking with Discriminative Correlation Filters
15.2.2017Google Summer of Code - Your best oportunity for a summer job
15.2.2017[VGS-IT] Perception and Personalization in Digital Content Reproduction
31.1.2017[VGS-IT] Efficient Deconvolution Techniques for Computational Photography
3.1.2017[VGS-IT] Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing

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