Camera-Ready Paper Submission

Camera-Ready Paper submission to DDECS 2002 is a two-step process:
  • Paper submission
  • Submission notification
Step 1: Camera-Ready Paper Submission
Submit your complete paper electronically, use your paper_number and paper_password.
Electronic submissions will only be accepted in PDF (Portable Document Format) or PostScript. Please verify your file by viewing it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader before submitting it.
Step 2: Submission notification
Following successful completion of the submission process, you will first receive an automated notification that the file containing your paper has been entered into the DDECS 2002 database.
The program chair will then manually check whether your file can be printed correctly or not, before sending you a formal acknowledgement message via a separate e-mail. If you do not receive this acknowledgement within one week from your submission, please contact us.