Seminář UPSY - Steiner, W.: Deterministic System Design with Time-Triggered Technology


With the growing complexity of cyber-physical systems, industry relies on proper architectures and design guidelines for successful product development. For markets with safety requirements there is a particular need for architectures that allow a deep and thorough understanding of the system behavior. The Time-Triggered Architecture (TTA) as initially developed at the Technical University of Vienna and further cultivated by TTTech is such an architecture. In this paper we give an overview of the TTA and describe its application in an industrial context.

Wilfried Steiner is Corporate Scientist at TTTech Computertechnik AG and Leader of the research team TTTech Labs.  He holds a degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences from the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. His research is focused on the development of algorithms and services that enable dependable communication in cyber-physical systems and applied formal methods.

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