1st Users Conference of IT4Innovations

Ostrava 31.10-1.11.2017

Selected publications

2017BORDOVSKÝ Gabriel and JARO© Jiří. Optimization of Fracture Tests Simulation in Civil Engineering. Ostrava, 2017.
 TREEBY Bradley E., BUDISKÝ Jakub, WISE Elliott S., JARO© Jiří and COX Ben T. Single-step Calculation of the Acoustic Field from Arbitrary Continuous-wave Sources. Ostrava, 2017.
 VAVERKA Filip, TREEBY Bradley E. and JARO© Jiří. Running Large-Scale Ultrasound Simulations on 256 Salomon Nodes. Ostrava, 2017.
 ČUDOVÁ Marta and JARO© Jiří. Framework for Planning, Executing and Monitoring Cooperating Computations. Ostrava, 2017.

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