Continuous integration and why should a good software engineer care

A112, Božetěchova 2, Brno, 18:00 29.3.2017


A great software engineer must know how to write code. But that is not enough. Knowledge of continuous integration is also very important. We will talk about reasons why the topic of continuous integration is important for software development in teams and product delivery. We will explore benefits for large companies and startups.


The slides are available below.


Michálek Juraj, Y Soft Corporation


Bambušek David, Ing., FIT VUT
Crlík Radek, Ing., FIT VUT
Čonka Filip, FIT VUT
Demicev Alexandr, FIT VUT
Haljuk Petr, Ing., FIT VUT
Harmim Dominik, FIT VUT
Hlaváč Ďurán Dominik, Bc., FIT VUT
Jánová Klára, FIT VUT
Kapinus Michal, Ing., UPGM FIT VUT
Kocman Tomáš, Bc., FIT VUT
Kruták Martin, Bc., FIT VUT
Kučera Marek, FIT VUT
Kůrová Martina, Ing., FIT VUT
Kúšik Lukáš, FIT VUT
Mackovič Jakub, Bc., FIT VUT
Manďák Roman, Ing., FIT VUT
Novák Miroslav, Bc., FIT VUT
Pastushenko Olena, Ing., FIT VUT
Pastuszek Jakub, Bc., FIT VUT
Piskun Volodymyr, FIT VUT
Repík Tomáš, Ing., FIT VUT
Santa Roman M., FEKT VUT
Serebrianska Daria, Bc., FIT VUT
Slávka Michal, FIT VUT
Sušovský Tomáš, Bc., FIT VUT
Tryhub Vladyslav, FIT VUT
Vančo Petr, Bc., FEKT VUT
Vido Matej, Ing., FIT VUT
Vlk Tomáš, Bc., FIT VUT
Vondráček Martin, Bc., FIT VUT
Wolfert Richard, Ing., FIT VUT


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