The Ninth International Conference on Networks

Menuires 11.-16.4.2010

ICN 2010 is organized by and for academic, research and industrial partners.

We solicit both academic, research, and industrial contributions. ICN 2010 will offer tutorials, plenary sessions, poster sessions, panels, and exhibition opportunities. Best papers will be forwarded for consideration in a special issue of a journal. A best paper award will be granted by the IARIA award selection committee.

The topics suggested by the conference can be discussed in term of concepts, state of the art, research, standards, implementations, running experiments, applications, and industrial case studies. Authors are invited to submit complete unpublished papers, which are not under review in any other conference or journal in the following, but not limited to, topic areas.  All tracks are open to both research and industry contributions.

Selected publications

2010DVOŘÁK Václav and JAROŠ Jiří. Optimizing Collective Communications on 2D-Mesh and Fat Tree NoC. In: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Networks ICN 2010. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE Computer Society, 2010, pp. 22-27. ISBN 978-0-7695-3979-9.

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