12th European Conference on Artificial Life

Taormina 2.-6.9.2013

Artificial Life is an interdisciplinary undertaking that investigates the fundamental properties of living systems through the simulation and synthesis of biological entities and processes. It also attempts to design and build artificial systems that display properties of organisms, or societies of organisms, out of abiotic or virtual parts.

ECAL, the European Conference on Artificial Life, is a biennial event that alternates with the US-based Alife conference series.

Selected publications

2013HRBÁČEK Radek and DRAHOŠOVÁ Michaela. Coevolutionary Cartesian Genetic Programming in FPGA. In: Advances in Artificial Life, ECAL 2013, Proceedings of the Twelfth European Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2013, pp. 431-438. ISBN 978-0-262-31709-2.

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