PART 1: Modelling of dynamical systems, application examples; PART 2: Realtime emulation of complex, high-order system dynamics in a test rig

G202, FIT VUT v Brně 30.3.2017

Martin Kozek holds currently the position of a University Professor at the Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics, Vienna University of Technology. He is also Deputy Head of the Division for Control and Process-Automation. His research interests cover analytical and experimental modeling of dynamic systems (both linear and nonlinear), advanced process control, and active vibration control of flexible structures. He is author and coauthor of some 100 scientific publications and co-holder of several patents in the area of active vibration damping and process control.


Kozek Martin, prof., Technische Universität Wien
Schirrer Alexander, Dr., Technische Universitaet Wien

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