Quantum computing, quantum software, and quantum science education

E112, Božetěchova 2, Brno 29.5.2019


Quantum computation has big potentials to increase our computational capabilities. Recently, giant technology companies have started or planned to build small size prototype real quantum computers, and this triggered the paradigm shift from theory to practice. Even though, it is still very early to use potentials of quantum computations, there are some expectations in a few years to implement a quantum task that is hard to be simulated by the current classical computers. 

In this seminar, after reviving the the potentials of quantum computation, we shortly introduce the emerging field quantum software (quantum programming and quantum machine learning), and then we discuss how we can be involved and then shape the field. We explain why education is our primary focus and how we can use pedagogical tools to attract new generation and people to the field. We share our own experiences, our ongoing projects, and also our upcoming projects. At the end, we discuss possible collaborations. 

Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (PhD 2011): He completed his master thesis in 2007 and his PhD thesis in 2011 in Bagazici University, Istanbul, which were on small space-bounded quantum and classical computation. He was a postdoctoral researcher between 2011 and 2014 in the group led by Prof. Andris Ambainis in Latvia. Then, he implemented his granted project entitled "The computational power of restricted quantum and classical models" in National Laboratory for Scientific Computing between 2014 and 2016 in Brazil. After this, he moved back to Latvia as a visiting researcher. He joined the faculty in 2018 and now he is an assistant professor there. 

He has been working as a theoretical computer scientist mainly focusing on quantum automata and complexity theory. He has around 50 scientific publications. His first PhD student Maksims Dimitrijevs is expected to defense his thesis in June 2019. Recently, he started to be interested in quantum programming and quantum software, and he has been leading the different educational projects. 

The presentation is an open event for the following Quantum Programming Workshop at FIT BUT.

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