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Current information for 2012

Time of action: 27 -- 31 Aug. 2010, daily from 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
Course capacity: 20 participants
Age of participants: Junior Girl University is meant for girls of age 14 -- 16.
Participation fee: CZK 400
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We have just started preparations for season 2012!
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About Junior Girl University

The Junior Female Computer University is an action organized by the Faculty of Information Technology in Brno for students from secondary schools and lower grades of grammar schools, with the aim of encouraging girls' interest in the study of technical fields, information technologies in particular. This action usually takes place on the FIT campus at the end of summer vacation.

Our aim is to demonstrate to the girls that information technologies can be fun but also can develop their natural creativity. The Junior University includes courses in computer classrooms and HW laboratories, courses focused on programming and audio and video processing.

Fit sluší dívkám

Come and see for yourself that IT is not for men alone. We are sure that FIT fits girls! We will be happy to welcome all girls,

  • who want to get to know interesting areas of IT,
  • who want to find out, what the others like on IT,
  • who have always wanted to know something more about IT but were afraid to ask,
  • who would like to discover new things and gain new experience.
History History
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The first Junior Girl Universtiy took place on the initiative of Prof. Honzík in 2009.

From the web pages of the past Summer School terms you can get an idea of how the Summer School actually runs. These pages include photos and a photo report.

Partners Partners
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Partners of Summer School 2012

We thank our partners:

Faculty of nformation technology, Brno University of Technology
Program Popularisation of Results of Science and Research on BUT
Program Popularisation of Science and Research Results on BUT
MP-soft, s.r.o.
Microsoft Czech Republic

SGP logo
SGP Systems
Logo Skoda auto
Skoda Auto, a.s.

Logo ElA
Czech and Moravian Electrical and Electronic Association
Embassy of The United States of America in Czech Republic


The Junior Girl University and Summer School are under the patronage of:

  • doc. RNDr. Anna Putnová, Ph.D., MBA, dean of FBM BUT, head of school committee of the Parliament of Czech Republic
  • prof. Ing. Karel Rais, CSc., MBA, rector of BUT
  • doc. Ing. Jaroslav Zendulka, CSc., dean of FIT BUT