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Summary of Summer school 2010

In the year 2010, circa 20 girls from the high schools from Brno, Morava and even from Slovakia attended the courses of FIT summer school.

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The courses

The girls tried how to create their own web pages, how to create interesting presentations in PowerPoint and similar programs. They also tried how to process audio, video, and digital photographs by the computers. Part of the course was also dedicated to computer networks.

The "Playing with hardware" was again a very popular course in one of ours hardware laboratories. The girls themselves completed and programmed a simple device, a blinking star that they were given for a keepsake.

Girls also learned something about less traditional but the more interesting areas of IT. They heard a lecture about biomedical applications of information technologies and about displaying of three-dimensional biomedical data. Another lecture was dedicated to artistic computer graphics.

Certainly interesting presentation was performed by the current students of FIT. They introduced their winning project of a national finale of a worldwide contest Imagine Cup. It was an educational game NanoHeal that simulates how to cure patients with malaria or HIV/AIDS by nanotechnology.

Besides the pure technical areas, the Summer school has had also a philosophical dimension this year. In the suitable atmosphere of a FIT library, an arresting lecture has been performed in one afternoon. ThMgr. Klapetek, who leads a philosophical and cultural courses on FIT, has thoroughly examined and analysed a theme "Women and technology" in often unexpected associations.

One day of the Summer school was dedicated to a visit to a Brno's subdivision of IBM, where the girls could have a talk with women, who are working here on different levels of the firms hierarchy.

The forum day

The last day of the Summer school belonged to discussions and forums. Firstly, the girls had talk with a subdean for a bachelor study, dr. Křena and prof. Honzik. They were talking about entrance tests and the study on FIT. Also one of our students, Martina Procházková and a former chairman of a Student's union, Ing. Patrik Halfar have been involved to the discussion and shared they student experiences with the audience.

Literary contest

A literary contest for the present girls has been announced at the beginning of the Summer school. The theme of the contest was Girls for computer and computer for girls. The girls should write a short story or essay. Three best works have been read in front of the audience and the jury decided the final order according to the quality of their presentation. The winners got attractive prices.

The jury agreed on this order:

  1. Miroslava Kunová
  2. Alice Pospíšilová
  3. Kateřina Pidrová

Discussion with women from IT

The last part of the day was a traditional discussion with several women, who decided to work in the area of information technologies. The girls got to know about their possibilities in a professional life in IT and that IT allows them to join perfectly professional and a family life. Then the discussion broke out. At first the controlled discussion has been soon transformed into a free, informal discussion during a picnic in the vestibule of the lecture complex and in the garden.

We thank all the involved girls, lecturers, our sponsors, and partners and we are looking forward to see you all again on FIT summer school 2011.

In the name of organisation team
David Martinek
September 2010

Sponsors and partners

FIT summer school 2010 has been organised thanks to support from our sponsors and partners:


The Junior Girl University and Summer School are under the patronage of:

  • doc. RNDr. Anna Putnová, Ph.D., MBA, dean of FBM BUT, head of school committee of the Parliament of Czech Republic
  • prof. Ing. Karel Rais, CSc., MBA, rector of BUT
  • doc. Ing. Jaroslav Zendulka, CSc., dean of FIT BUT