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Title:1st prize for the eSONIA project presentation at the Artemis & ITEA2 CoSummit 2011
The eSONIA project was awarded 1st prize in the competition for the best Artemis Project performance at the Artemis & ITEA2 CoSummit 2011 in Helsinki.

The eSONIA project (Embedded Service Oriented Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control: Towards the Asset-Aware and Self-Recovery Factory) is one of the projects of ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking funded by the European Union. The project deals with an application of new technologies in production monitoring and control with the following expected outcomes: greater predictability of plant behaviour and visibility; reduced safety risks; enhanced security; and cost efficiency.

Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, is one of the project's participants together with academical and industrial partners from the Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, and Italy.
Created: 11.11.2011 16:09:54

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