Runtime Verification beyond Monitoring (ARVI)

Czech title:Verifikace za běhu nad rámec běžného monitorování (ARVI)
Research leader:Kofroň Jan (MFF UK)
Team leaders:Vojnar Tomáš
Agency:COST, European Cooperation in Science and Technology - European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)
Code:IC1402, IC1402
Keywords:runtime verification, testing, dynamic analysis, monitoring
Runtime verification (RV) is a computing analysis paradigm based on observing a system at runtime to check its expected behavior. RV has emerged in recent years as a practical application of formal verification, and a less ad-hoc approach to conventional testing by building monitors from formal specifications.There is a great potential applicability of RV beyond software reliability, if one allows monitors to interact back with the observed system, and generalizes to new domains beyond computers programs (like hardware, devices, cloud computing and even human centric systems). Given the European leadership in computer based industries, novel applications of RV to these areas can have an enormous impact in terms of the new class of designs enabled and their reliability and cost effectiveness.This Action aims to build expertise by putting together active researchers in different aspects of runtime verification, and meeting with experts from potential application disciplines. The main goal is to overcome the fragmentation of RV research by (1) the design of common input formats for tool cooperation and comparison; (2) the evaluation of different tools, building a growing sets benchmarks and running tool competitions; and (3) by designing a road-map and grand challenges extracted from application domains.

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