Using network analysis techniques to prevent data loss

Czech title:Použití technik síťové analýzy v rámci prevence ztráty dat
Reseach leader:Pluskal Jan
Agency:Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Keywords:Detecting anomalies on a computer network
We offer you, in the framework of research, an analysis of the current state of anomaly detection approaches on a computer network to use your data leakage detection problem. Detecting anomalies is a long-term concern, and we have a set of procedures and approaches to that.


The implementation itself would be preceded by a preparatory phase in which we will get acquainted with the data collection data collected and we will propose their adaptation for the purposes of the subsequent analysis of the anomalies. Subsequently, we develop a search for current knowledge of anomaly analysis on the network, with emphasis on those that do not require the expert knowledge of the user (the customer using the applicant's products), and we will propose candidates for examination in a subsequent proof-of-concept practical test. The time-consuming phase of the preparatory phase and the search is estimated at 120-160 hours and will be realized during the first 3 months of the project.

As part of the implementation of the proof-of-concept solution, we will verify the performance of the proposed candidates (the solution principle) on the data you provide. The evaluation of the approaches will be included in the final technical report. As part of our collaboration, we also offer consultation on the problem and consultation to take on the proposed solutions. Overall, the implimentation and evaluation phase is estimated at 450-550 hours spread over 5-6 calendar months.

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