Possibilities for creation of communite genealogical database with semantic information and uncertainty

Czech title:Možnosti tvorby komunitní genealogické databáze se sémantickou informací a zahrnutou neurčitostí
Research leader:Rozman Jaroslav
Team leaders:Zbořil František
Team members:Kočí Radek, Svoboda Pavel
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Keywords:genealogy, seriel sources, parish books, land records, computer vision, database, uncertainty
The aim of the project is to create a system where users can insert data from serial sources (parish books, land records, etc.) and share the results. It will be possible to edit and complete records and it will be user friendly enough to ensure comfortable input. We do not suppose that whole parish books can be rewritten at once, so it is necessary to keep the information about the size of the rewritten part. Therefore, we plan to create a program that will identify the number of records on a page. The system will also allow record normalization and a precise generation of family trees. A basic database will be created at the end of first year, family tree creation and record segmentation will follow at the end of the second year. Final year will be focused on testing and improvements.


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