MUSIC - MuSiC - Multi-level Security for Critical Services

Czech title:MuSiC - Mnohoúrovňová bezpečnost v kritických aplikacích počítačových systémů
Research leader:Zemčík Pavel
Team members:Smrž Pavel
Agency:Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Czech Republic
Keywords:Security; embedded systems 
The project is linked to the proposal of the international project MuSiC, signed under the Eureka / Penta cluster, by consortium of 17 European partners from five countries (France, Spain, Belgium, Finland and the Czech Republic). This international project focuses on the development of technologies for the security of embedded systems against external attacks. The solution includes both the hardware of these systems, the secured elements attached to the CPU, the secure computing environment, the communication layer, and the verification of the proposed technologies for case studies from the field of traffic monitoring and public lighting, and personal protection and disaster management systems, considered by a strong consortium.

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