Intelligent visual quality control

Czech title:Inteligentní vizuální kontrola kvality výrobků
Research leader:Hradiš Michal
Team leaders:Kolář Martin
Agency:South Moravian Innovation Centre
Keywords:visual quality control, anomaly detection, clustering
Technical report on intelligent visual quality control.
The goal is to propose and evaluate intelligent visual quality control system capable of automatically detecting abnormalities and flaws of products from images. These abnormalities will be further sorted and organized in cooperation with human operator. 
The project includes overview of state-of-the-art, description of the proposed system, and its evaluation on real data from a trial production facility (data will be supplied by the client). 
Project outputs:
  • Technical report
  • Data files with experimental results


2015HRADIŠ Michal. Intelligent Defect and Anomaly Detection System - A Study in Tofu. Brno: Fingera s.r.o., 2015.

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