TA2: Together Anywhere, Together Anytime

Czech title:TA2: Together Anywhere, Together Anytime
Reseach leader:Smrž Pavel
Team leaders:Zemčík Pavel
Agency:Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 7th Framework programme - Seventh Research Framework Programme
Keywords:social interaction, multimedia processing
TA2 (Together Anywhere, Together Anytime), pronounced "tattoo", aims at defining end-to-end systems for the development and delivery of new, creative forms of interactive, immersive, high quality media experiences for groups of users such as households and families. The overall vision of TA2 can be summarised as "making communications and engagement easier among groups of people separated in space and time".

One of the key components of TA2 is a set of generic and reliable audio, video, and multimodalities integration and recognition tools. This includes automatic extraction of cues from raw data streams. The running TA2 project stresses low-level "instantaneous" cues; it does not deal with semantic-aware integration of contextual information which could significantly improve the quality of cues.

The proposed TA2 project extension focuses on the medium-level (context-aware) cues taking into account not only low-level analysis outputs but also contextual information, e.g., about the activated scenario. The created semantic cues will be used by the TA2 system to orchestrate (i.e. frame, crop and represent) the audio-visual elements of the interaction between people.

The addition of BUT to the consortium will allow the semantic relevance of the metadata extracted from the analysis to be interpreted within the particular contexts described in the project. This will make the subsequent orchestration of the video more effective and more efficient and hence improve the end-user experience. The extension will enable building better applications that help families to interact easily and openly through games, through improved semi automatic production and publication of user generated content, and through enhanced ambient connectedness between families.


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