Transport systems development centre

Czech title:Centrum pro rozvoj dopravních systémů
Research leader:Zemčík Pavel
Team leaders:Bařina David, Fülöp Tibor (FIT VUT), Korček Pavol, Láník Aleš, Přibyl Jaroslav
Team members:Husák Jiří (FIT VUT), Kajan Rudolf, Kobrtek Jozef, Maršík Lukáš, Pípa Martin (), Zachariáš Michal
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Keywords:Transport, transport systems, telematics, data collection, modeling, analysis of traffic data, traffic simulation, traffic management, intelligent transport systems, mobility monitoring, mobility management, statistical calculations, transport economics
The centre for development of transport and traffic systems (Centrum pro ROzvoj DOpravních Systémů) is based on the long-term partnership between research and private companies determining the direction of intelligent mobility development in the Czech Republic. We have decided in common to face the challenge of continuous search for balance between the need of movement of modern society and negative impacts of the mobility.


2017Software for Predicting Vehicle Occurrence in Given Interval and Road Section, software, 2017
Authors: Koplík Karel, Zemčík Pavel
2015VehicleCluster, software, 2015
Authors: Sochor Jakub, Herout Adam
2014AR road traffic, software, 2014
Authors: Szentandrási István, Herout Adam
 Embedded image foreground detector, specimen, 2014
Authors: Musil Martin, Musil Petr, Koplík Karel, Zemčík Pavel


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