Machine Translation for English Retrieval of Information in Any Language (MATERIAL)

Czech title:Strojový překlad pro anglické získávání informací v jakémkoliv jazyce (MATERIAL)
Reseach leader:Karafiát Martin
Team leaders:Burget Lukáš, Matějka Pavel, Plchot Oldřich
Team members:Baskar Murali K., Beneš Karel, Grézl František, Kesiraju Santosh
Agency:Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
Code:PO 9500013590
Keywords:machine translation, automatic speech regcognition, language identification, summarization
MATERIAL aims at developing an "English-in, English-out" information retrieval system that, given a domain-sensitive English query, will retrieve relevant data from a large multilingual repository and display the retrieved information in English as query-biased summaries.

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