Computer-Aided Analysis and Prediction of the Child Growth and Development

Research leader:Zemčík Pavel
Team leaders:Klíma Ondřej, Španěl Michal
Agency:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Keywords:child growth and development; longitudinal growth study; software; paediatry;
The main goal of the project is to create software for advanced analysis, modelling and predictions of growth both in healthy and ill children and adolescents. The program will be based on an interdisciplinary cooperation between IT, auxological anthropology and paediatrics. The software will be based on four available growth longitudinal and new measurements of contemporary Czech population; contrary to the traditional approach it will be based on individual growth chart statistical modelling using modern techniques, it will factor in the dynamics of human growth population change dynamics and will utilize relevant personal history data. The structure of the programs functions and controls will comply with the user requirements of the target professional area, especially physicians.

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