Open-Source API and Platform for Multiple Clouds

Czech title:Open-Source API and Platform for Multiple Clouds
Research leader:Smrľ Pavel
Team leaders:©perka Svatopluk
Agency:The Information Society Technologies (IST) 7th Framework programme - Seventh Research Framework Programme
Code:7E12061, 256910
Keywords:Clouds, API, Platform, dynamic semantic discovery, Cloud connectors, Cloud case studies
The mOSAIC project ( aims to develop an open-source platform that enables applications to negotiate Cloud services as requested by their users. Using the Cloud ontology, applications will be able to specify their service requirements and communicate them to the platform via innovative API. The platform implements a multi-agent brokering mechanism that searches for services matching the applications’ request, and composes the requested service if no direct hit is found. The platform facilitates competition between Cloud providers, who, in return, are able to reach customers they could not reach before. In this context, the mOSAIC-Enlarged EU proposal intends to increase the level of expertise, the outputs and the impact of the project by adding partners from new member states of Europe. In particular, the project extends and improve the results of mOSAIC project by the integration of open-source solutions of previous EU projects developed by the new partners in the same field. It increases the scope and offer of the mOSAIC API and platform tools by providing new APIs to support the development in the direction of enterprise applications. It increases the number of hardware platforms on which mOSAIC is deployed and tested and the number of Cloud providers that are connected to the platform. A new service for dynamic semantic discovery of Cloud resources, outside the mOSAIC platform, to support integration of new Cloud services and providers, will be developed. Moreover, it extends the number of use cases with two new applications, which allow to test the mOSAIC and the new APIs and tools. The project approaches new developer and end-user communities exploiting the participation of new partners in other related project and initiative, and addressing new application domains such as the civil engineering.


2013CloudStack vendor module for mOSAIC, software, 2013
Authors: Smrľ Pavel, ©koda Petr, ©perka Svatopluk
2012Cloud Information Extractor from Scientific Papers, software, 2012
Authors: ©perka Svatopluk, ©koda Petr, Smrľ Pavel


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