St. Anne´s University Hospital in Brno - International Clinical Research Center

Czech title:Fakultní nemocnice u sv. Anny v Brně - Mezinárodní centrum klinického výzkumu (FNUSA-ICRC)
Team leaders:Drahanský Martin
Team members:Malčík Dominik, Mráček Štěpán, Semerád Lukáš
Agency:Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Czech Republic
Keywords:cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, science, research, information technology
The International Clinical Research Center is an integral part of St. Anneis University Hospital in Brno; the center uses the acronym FNUSA-ICRC.

FNUSA-ICRC  is an innovative science and research center and a top-quality public healthcare center focusing on prevention, early detection and cure primarily of cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

FNUSA-ICRC is the result of long-term close cooperation between experts from St. Anneís University Hospital Brno and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota (USA). The authors of the entire ICRC concept are Tomáš Kára, Ph.D. and Virend K. Somers, Ph.D.

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2015Heart failure one year patient's mortality model, software, 2015
Authors: Malčík Dominik, Semerád Lukáš, Drahanský Martin
 Speckle Tracking Echocardiography, software, 2015
Authors: Mráček Štěpán, Drahanský Martin


2013DRAHANSKÝ Martin, DOLEŽEL Michal, VÁŇA Jan, BŘEZINOVÁ Eva, YIM Jaegeol and SHIM Kyubark. New Optical Methods for Liveness Detection on Fingers. BioMed Research International. New York: Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2013, vol. 2013, no. 9, pp. 1-11. ISSN 2314-6133.

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