SCAlable Preservation Environments (SCAPE)

Czech title:SCAlable Preservation Environments (SCAPE)
Research leader:Smrž Pavel
Team leaders:Zemčík Pavel
Team members:Klíma Ondřej, Materna Zdeněk, Otáhalová Sylva
Agency:Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 7th Framework programme - Seventh Research Framework Programme
Keywords:preservation, big data
The SCAPE project is developing services for the planning and execution of institutional preservation strategies for large-scale, heterogeneous collections of complex digital objects and an execution platform that targets the scalability of preservation environments in terms of computation and storage. The SCAPE project aims at enhancing the state of the art of digital preservation in three ways: by developing infrastructure and tools for scalable preservation actions; by providing a framework for automated, quality-assured preservation workflows and by integrating these components with a policy-based preservation planning and watch system. These concrete project results are being validated within three large-scale Testbeds from diverse application areas: Digital Repositories from the library community, Web Content from the web archiving community, and Research Data Sets from the data archiving community. SCAPE-Enlarged aims at advancing SCAPE to include new user domains and to broaden the scope with respect to the utilized deployment models and infrastructures available to the project. Extensions include the development of new scientific use-cases, advanced preservation services, and installations of the SCAPE environment in high performance computing (HPC) data centers. The proposed project responds to the requirement for integrating the SCAPE environment with production data center infrastructures, allowing stakeholders to perform experiments at a significantly higher scale and to involve additional user domains from outside the library and archive context. SCAPE-Enlarged will evaluate its results based on two concrete application scenarios that target the preservation of data sets resulting from scientific video analysis as well as the preservation of sensitive health data sets from the medical domain. The proposed project will provide SCAPE services to the users of academic data centers and external infrastructure providers. In this context, the SCAPE-Enlarged proposal intends to extend SCAPE technology in two ways: by developing methods for the secure preservation of protected data sets; and by increasing the potential SCAPE target deployments to include HPC facilities and different cloud provisioning models. The SCAPE project will also benefit from complementary expertise provided by partners from the New Member States with respect to infrastructure provisioning and new application domains. Furthermore, the newly developed use cases will further demonstrate the generic nature of the SCAPE approach and its applicability beyond the initially planned testbed deployments.


2014KLÍMA Ondřej and SMRŽ Pavel. Methodology for capturing contextual information and preserving and interlinking semantic information for video processing. Brno, 2014.
 KLÍMA Ondřej, SMRŽ Pavel and PARKOLA Tomasz. Final report on preservation scenarios deployed and integrated with data centres. Brno, 2014.

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