Visual localization in natural environments

Czech title:Vizuální lokalizace v přírodě
Research leader:Čadík Martin
Team leaders:Zemčík Pavel
Agency:South Moravian Centre for International Mobility
Keywords:image processing, computer graphics, computer vision, visual localization, terrain alignment, geo-localization, scene to model registration, viewing direction estimation, cameras, terrain mapping, cartographic data, photographic data, semantic image labeling, image registration
The proposed project deals with localization in natural environments. It builds on the applicant's experience in registration of photos with a 3D geo-referenced terrain model and on the expertise of graphics group @FIT-BUT in image processing, computer graphics & vision, machine learning and experience with research and development of avionics. It proposes an investigation of image to model registration techniques allowing for building accurate visual localization systems that are more robust to qualities of input photos. Particular attention will be devoted to finding applications of visual localization systems in challenging scenarios, e.g. in aircraft systems.


2014Camera Pose Estimation from Line Correspondences using Plücker Coordinates, software, 2014
Authors: Přibyl Bronislav, Zemčík Pavel, Čadík Martin


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