Dependable Systems Research Group


2015GPDRC: Generic partial dynamic reconfiguration controller, software, 2015
Authors: Straka Martin, Kaštil Jan
 Tools enabling to develop fault tolerant architectures and checkers from VHDL, software, 2015
Authors: Straka Martin
2013intMAN: Priority-Driven Load-Adaptive Monitoring-Based Hardware for Managing Interrupts in Embedded Event-Triggered Real-Time Systems, prototype, 2013
Authors: Strnadel Josef, Šimek Václav
2008TASTE: Testability Analysis SuiTE, software, 2008
Authors: Strnadel Josef
2007RTL benchmark circuit generator, software, 2007
Authors: Pečenka Tomáš, Kotásek Zdeněk
 Set of tools for RTL circuits testability analysis, software, 2007
Authors: Škarvada Jaroslav, Kotásek Zdeněk
 Tools for split RTL circuit into Testable blocks, software, 2007
Authors: Herrman Tomáš, Kotásek Zdeněk

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