Parallel Coordinates in Computer Vision

Traffic Understanding

Automatic Camera Calibration for Traffic Understanding BMVC 2014Dubska, M., Sochor, J. and Herout, A.

We propose a method for fully automatic calibration of traffic surveillance cameras. This method allows for calibration of the camera -- including scale - without any user input, only from several minutes of input surveillance video. The targeted applications include speed measurement, measurement of vehicle dimensions, vehicle classification,... more
Fully Automatic Roadside Camera Calibration for Traffic Surveillance IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation SystemsDubska, M., Herout, A., Juranek, R., Sochor J.

This paper deals with automatic calibration of roadside surveillance cameras. We focus on parameters necessary for measurements in traffic surveillance applications. Contrary to the existing solutions, our approach requires no a priori knowledge and it works with a very wide variety of road settings (number of lanes, occlusion, quality of ground marking), and with practically unlimited viewing angles... more

Vanishing Point Detection

Real Projective Plane Mapping for Detection of Orthogonal Vanishing Points BMVC 2013Dubska, M. and Herout, A.

This paper deals with the detection of orthogonal vanishing points. The aim is to efficiently cope with the clutter edges in real-life images and to determine the camera orientation in the Manhattan world reliably. We are using a modified scheme of the Cascaded Hough Transform where only one Hough space is accumulated - the space of the vanishing points... more

Matrix Code Detection/Extraction (more here)

Fractal Marker Fields: No More Scale Limitations for Fiduciary Markers ISMAR 2012Herout, A., Zacharias, M., Dubska, M. and Havel, J.

One limitation of existing fiduciary markers is that the camera motion is tightly limited: the marker (one of the markers) must be visible and it must be observed at a proper scale. This paper introduces a fractal structure of markers similar to matrix codes (such as QR-code or Data Matrix): the Fractal Marker Field... more
Fast detection and recognition of QR codes in high-resolution images SCCG 2012Szentandrasi, I., Herout, A. and Dubska, M.,

This paper deals with detection and recognition of matrix codes, such as the QR codes, in high-resolution images of real-world scenes. The goal is to provide a detector capable of operation in real time even on high-resolution images (several megapixels). We present an efficient algorithm for detection of possible occurrences of the codes...more
Real-time precise detection of regular grids and matrix codes Journal of Real-Time Image ProcessingDubska, M., Herout, A. and Havel, J.

The traditional approach in detecting sets of concurrent and/or parallel lines is to first detect lines in the image and then find such groups of them which meet the concurrence condition. The Hough Transform can be used for detecting the lines and variants of HT such as the Cascaded Hough Transform can be used to detect the vanishing points...more

Line Detection

Real-time detection of lines using parallel coordinates and CUDA Journal of Real-Time Image ProcessingHavel, J., Herout, A., Dubska, M., and Josth, R.

The Hough transform is a well-known and popular algorithm for detecting lines in raster images. The standard Hough transform is rather slow to be usable in real-time, so different accelerated and approximated algorithms exist. This paper proposes a modified accumulation scheme for the Hough transform, using a new parameterization of lines "PClines"... more
Real-Time Detection of Lines using Parallel Coordinates and OpenGL SCCG 2011Dubska, M., Havel, J. and Herout, A.

Line detection in raster images is frequently performed using the Hough transform. Hough Transform for line detection is difficult to accelerate using the GPU because it essentially requires rasterization of sinusoids into a high resolution raster of accumulators, which is not a suitable task for GPU... more
PClines - Line Detection Using Parallel Coordinates CVPR 2011Dubska, M., Herout, A. and Havel, J.

Detection of lines in raster images is often performed using Hough transform. This paper presents a new parameterization of lines and a modification of the Hough transform - PClines. PClines are based on parallel coordinates, a coordinate system used mostly or solely for high-dimensional data visualization. The PClines algorithm is described in the paper;... more
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