CVPR 2011

PClines - Line Detection Using Parallel Coordinates

Dubska, M., Herout, A. and Havel, J. Graph@FIT, Brno University of Technology
Corresponding author email: idubska[at]fit.vutbr.cz


Detection of lines in raster images is often performed using Hough transform. This paper presents a new parameterization of lines and a modification of the Hough transform - PClines. PClines are based on parallel coordinates, a coordinate system used mostly or solely for high-dimensional data visualization. The PClines algorithm is described in the paper; its accuracy is evaluated numerically and compared to the commonly used line detectors based on the Hough transform. The results show that PClines outperform the existing approaches in terms of accuracy. Besides, PClines are computationally extremely efficient, require no floating-point operations, and can be easily accelerated by different hardware architectures.


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This research was supported by the EU FP7-ARTEMIS project no. 100230 SMECY, by the research project CEZMSMT, MSM0021630528, and by the BUT FIT grant FIT-10-S-2.
(c) 2014, Marketa Dubska