High Performance Computing Research Group


The HPC team has created eight versions of the simulation language TKSL: TKSL/386, TKSL/ORCAD, TKSL/ WINDOWS, TKSL/TRANSP, TKSL/XILINX, TKSL/STIFF, TKSL/PDE, TKSL/REAL.

Selected implemented algorithms will certainly find applications in teaching and research at universities. The most successful software packages could also be used in practice. This could be facilitated by the present cooperation including contacts abroad of the team working on the problem. By implementing the designed algorithms, the output of the workstations will be enhanced to reach the level of accessible parallel systems. This fact may also be interesting commercially.

2017FOS: Fast ODE Solver, software, 2017
Authors: Kocina Filip
2005TKSL, software, 2005
Authors: Kunovský Jiří

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