System Modelling and Optimization Research Group

Team members

Češka Milan, prof. RNDr., CSc., UITS FIT VUT
  • Formal Languages Theory
  • Formal Specifications
  • Petri Nets Theory
  • System Modelling and Simulation
Hrubý Martin, Ing., Ph.D., UITS FIT VUT
  • Modeling and Simulation.
  • Geographic information systems.
  • Game Theory and its application in modelling of various markets-
  • Combinatorial optimizations.
Janoušek Vladimír, doc. Ing., Ph.D., UITS FIT VUT
Modeling, simulation, prototyping, pure object orientation, reflective architectures, simulation-driven developlement.
Kočí Radek, Ing., Ph.D., UITS FIT VUT
Peringer Petr, Dr. Ing., UITS FIT VUT
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Program Verification (symbolic execution,  ...)
  • Object-oriented programming, Design patterns
  • C and C++ programming languages
Richta Tomáš, Ing., student, UITS FIT VUT

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