Robotic research group Robo@FIT


Robotic Lab


PR2 is robotic research and development platform that combines the mobility to navigate human environments and the dexterity to grasp and manipulate objects in those environments. 


MELFA RV6-SL robotic manipulator workcell. Example of tasks is collecting of known objects that are scattered on the floor. The robot finds them with a sensor, plans motion to collect them and executes the motion.

Rescue Robot

Rescue Robot was designed by FIT researchers for search of human beings in damaged houses, debris or avalanches. It is remotely controlled by an operator endowed with a small amount of intelligence to protect itself and to find way back in case of loss of communication. Its modular design of the body and electronics allows full support of the operator and choice of the appropriate set of sensors for the given task.



Toad platform [assembly] is outdoor platform with novel 3D Lidar technology. The Toad is focused on development of large-scale SLAM, 3D environment model reconstruction, navigation and exploration.


Edward (or Ed) [assembly] is platform assembled for development particular service robotic tasks such as social interaction, transportation, person-following, etc.


Tyra is UAV platform [assembly] for large-scale environment mapping, monitoring, inspection, etc.


TurtleBut2 (or TB2) [ready] is experimental laboratory platform designed to service robotics task in indoor environment. 


Spider (or Spider-mini) [under negotiation] is radio-controlled slope mower that is planned for integration of autonomous solutions.


Bugs [under negotiation] is a squad of small platforms for development of swarm formation and self-deployment solutions and  for educational purposes.

Robo Lab

The robotic lab is further equiped by wide range of tools and devices:
  • fully equipped hardware development working place with a modern tools
  • common cameras and radars, Kinects, stereo-cameras
  • Lidar - SICK LMS 100
  • Robotic arm - Mitsubishi MELFA
  • HRI devices ( iPads, ThinkPad Tablets, widescreen multi-touch displays ELO 4200L (42") or NEC V-Touch 3210w (32"))
  • VR/AR tools (ARvision-3D, i-glasses PC 3D PRO, eMagin Z800 3DVisor, CyberGlove, CyberTouch, Flock of Birds, etc.)

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