Robotic research group Robo@FIT


2018PatrolBot self driving for map making based on laser and asus depth sensors, testing, 2018
Authors: Beran Vítězslav, Plascencia Alfredo C.
2017Collaborative Robot 2.0: Calibration, software, 2017
Authors: Dubská Markéta, Kapinus Michal, Materna Zdeněk
 Ground Segmentation by CNNs in Velodyne Data, testing, 2017
Authors: Veľas Martin, Španěl Michal, Hradiš Michal, Herout Adam
 Spatial Augmented Reality User Interface for Collaborative Robot, software, 2017
Authors: Beran Vítězslav, Kapinus Michal, Materna Zdeněk, Smrž Pavel
 Spider Lawn Mower Automation Design, testing, 2017
Authors: Plascencia Alfredo C., Beran Vítězslav
2015Functional model of robotic platform for search of human beings in incrushes and avalanches, specimen, 2015
Authors: Drahanský Martin, Orság Filip, Hájek Josef, Luža Radim, Váňa Jan, Marvan Aleš, Novotný Tomáš, Babinec Adam, Trhoň Adam
 Odometry Estimation from Velodyne LiDAR Point Clouds, software, 2015
Authors: Veľas Martin, Španěl Michal, Herout Adam
 Robotic Outdoor Platform for Sensory Data Measurements and Evaluation of 3D Reconstruction and Mapping Methods, specimen, 2015
Authors: Materna Zdeněk, Beran Vítězslav, Španěl Michal, Veľas Martin, Kapinus Michal
2014Modules for Velodyne 3D LiDAR Calibration and Data Processing, software, 2014
Authors: Veľas Martin, Španěl Michal, Materna Zdeněk
2013Functional model of robot manipulator, specimen, 2013
Authors: Drahanský Martin, Orság Filip, Váňa Jan, Hájek Josef, Marvan Aleš, Novotný Tomáš
 Functional model of the robot chassis, specimen, 2013
Authors: Drahanský Martin, Orság Filip, Marvan Aleš, Hájek Josef, Novotný Tomáš, Váňa Jan
 OMToolkit - The polygonal mesh processing toolkit, software, 2013
Authors: Hulík Rostislav, Španěl Michal, Smrž Pavel
2012Obstacle avoidance module for robotic systems, software, 2012
Authors: Rozman Jaroslav, Luža Radim, Baizid Khelifa, Beran Vítězslav
2010Automatic robot localization based on visual and range sensors, software, 2010
Authors: Šolony Marek
 Obstacle detector for robotic systems based on visual and range sensor fusion, software, 2010
Authors: Svoboda Pavel, Beran Vítězslav
 3D model reconstruction from point clouds, software, 2010
Authors: Hulík Rostislav, Španěl Michal
2009Sensor Data Acquisition Unit for UAV (SEDAQ), specimen, 2009
Authors: Marvan Aleš, Popela Robert, Drahanský Martin, Zikmund Pavel

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