Robotic research group Robo@FIT

Team members

Beran Vítězslav, Ing., Ph.D., UPGM FIT VUT
  • image, video and 3D data processing
  • multimedia data analysis
  • machine vision
  • natural user interfaces
Drahanský Martin, prof. Ing., Dipl.-Ing., Ph.D., UITS FIT VUT
  • Biometric systems
  • Image and video processing
  • Security and cryptography
  • Sensoric systems
Hanáček Petr, doc. Dr. Ing., UITS FIT VUT
Parallel and distributed algorithms, computer security, wireless and mobile networks, applied cryptography
Luža Radim, Ing., UITS FIT VUT
  • Robotics
  • Robotic manipulators
  • Robot localization
Materna Zdeněk, Ing., UPGM FIT VUT
Orság Filip, Ing., Ph.D., Principal researcher, UITS FIT VUT
  • Bimoterical Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
Rozman Jaroslav, Ing., Ph.D., UITS FIT VUT
  • Robotics
  • Softcomputing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Control Theory
Smrž Pavel, doc. RNDr., Ph.D., UPGM FIT VUT
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence
Svoboda Pavel, Ing., UITS FIT VUT
Šolony Marek, Ing., UPGM FIT VUT
Španěl Michal, Ing., Ph.D., UPGM FIT VUT
  • Image processing and machine vision - image segmentation, classifiers, object detection and recognition, 3D reconstruction
  • 3D data processing - MS Kinect and Velodyne LiDAR sensors
  • 3D geometry processing and tetrahedral meshing of volumetric data
  • HRI and visualization techniques for teleoperated robots
  • C++ programming (templates, design patterns, etc.)
  • ROS - Robotic Operation System
Zbořil František V., doc. Ing., CSc., UITS FIT VUT
  • Soft-Computing
  • Inteligent Systems
  • Robotics
  • Simulation of Systems
  • Wireless sensor networks
Zemčík Pavel, prof. Dr. Ing., UPGM FIT VUT
  • Computer graphics
  • Image processing
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Multimedia
  • Acceleration of raster algorithms in hardware

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