SC@FIT - Supercomputing Technologies Research Group

The Supercomputing Technologies group is interested in the architecture and implementation of high performance systems as well as their operation and employment in scientific applications. The research area covers both top supercomputers as well as low power systems and heterogeneous systems with accelerators (Intel Xeon Phi, GPUs). Our other topics concentrate on design an development of highly optimized algorithms and techniques ensuring high efficiency and scalability.

Research interests

Hardware topics
  • Architecture of parallel systems
  • Performance and scaling models of systems with shared and distributed memory
  • HPC systems based on GPUs and other accelerators
  • Low power systems, power-performance optimization
Software topics
  • Local domain decomposition for spectral methods
  • Parallelisation in time
  • Automatic load balancing on heterogeneous systems
  • Multi-scale and multi-physics model coupling
  • Asynchronous input/output in HPC applications
  • Modern programming languages in HPC (Python, OpenACC, Thrust)
  • Simulation of ultrasound propagation in human body
  • Acceleration of photoacoustic imaging
  • Simulation of fracture tests in quasi-brittle materials
  • Optimisation of the retention capacity of the system of water dams
  • High performance scientific applications




Brno University of Technology
Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Computer Systems
Bozetechova 2, Room L334
612 66 Brno, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 54114-1207

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