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Decentralized supervisory network enabling request and analysis of supervisory data

Authors: Chmelař Petr, Zendulka Jaroslav
Type: patent
Number: 303854
Owner: Vysoké učení technické v Brně
Place of issue: Česká Republika
Registration date: 16.05.2011
Approval date: 17.04.2013
Expiration date: -
Keywords: Surveillance network, multiple camera, sensor, decentralized, video analytics, retrieval, CCTV


In the present invention, there is disclosed a supervisory network comprising sensing elements (101) coupled through the mediation of data transmission elements with at least one management and control unit (105), wherein a sensor (102) for processing element (101) data and creation of metadata is assigned to at least one sensing element (101). At least one integration unit (103) for ensuring stability and consistency of the metadata in real time and for processing, storing and inquiry thereof is arranged in the network between the sensors (102) and the management and control unit (105). Selectively, there can also be present an analytic unit (104) for subsequent analysis of metadata and calibration of at least one sensor (102) and at least one integration unit (103).

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  • Knowledge discovery in data
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  • Department of Information Systems FIT BUT (DIFS)

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