Way of liveness detection in biometric systems using security sensor based on heart beating frequency

Authors: Drahanský Martin, Homola Antonín
Type: patent
Number: 304801
Owner: Vysoké učení technické v Brně
Place of issue: Praha
Registration date: 23.10.2012
Approval date: 29.10.2014
Expiration date: 29.10.2024
Keywords: liveness detection, fingerprint, pulsation of image pixels, heart beating frequency

The patent describes liveness detection based on pulsation changes in color pixels of fingertip image, which corresponds to the heart beating frequency of the scanned person. For details see http://isdv.upv.cz/portal/pls/portal/portlets.pts.det?xprim=1887324&lan=cs.

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  • Security Technology Research and Development

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  • Department of Intelligent Systems FIT BUT (DITS)

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