Robot to measure parameters of cavities of cylindrical cross sections

Authors: Drahanský Martin, Marvan Aleš, Váňa Jan, Pokorný Jaroslav
Type: utility model
Number: 28252
Owner: Touchless Biometric Systems s.r.o.
Place of issue: Praha
Registration date: 09.02.2015
Approval date: 25.05.2015
Expiration date: 25.05.2025

This technical solution describes a robot for measurement of various parameters (e.g. diameter, curvature, inside damages, sediments, material defects) of cavities with a cylindric diameter (e.g. barrels of military weapones or pipelines). The solution is suitable for cavities from 80 mm up to 500 mm.

Related research groups
  • Security Technology Research and Development

Participating departments
  • creinos (creinos)
  • Touchless Biometric Systems Ltd. (TBS_CZ)

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