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A multispectral lifecycle detector especially suited for the fingerprint recognition technology

Authors: Drahanský Martin, Dvořák Radim, Váňa Jan, Goldmann Tomáš, Dvořák Michal, Kanich Ondřej
Type: utility model
Number: 31405
Owner: Touchless Biometric Systems s.r.o.
Place of issue: Praha
Registration date: 10.12.2017
Approval date: 23.01.2018
Expiration date: 10.12.2021
Keywords: liveness detection, fingerprint, skin, multispectral illumination

The utility model describes a liveness detection solution for fingerprints recognition using multispectral illumination and acqusition of finger skin reaction.

Related research groups
  • Security Technology Research and Development

Participating departments
  • Touchless Biometric Systems Ltd. (TBS_CZ)

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