Framework for Formal Verification of Clock Domain Crossing

Authors:Smrčka Aleš, Vojnar Tomáš
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Keywords:clock-domain crossing, formal verification, environment specification
Conventional technique of hardware design formal verification is based on modelling zero-delay changes of signal value. Unfortunatelly, this type of abstraction hides the problem of clock domain crossings (CDCs) which cause is either in metastability or in a synchronization protocol design. CDCreloaded is a framework which gathers all one need for formal verification and analysis of hardware designs including asynchronous components. The framework consists of several components including (i) the tool cdcreveal for detection and extending of parts of a design prone to CDC problems, (ii) the tool envgen for generating an environment of a verified component, and (iii) the tool for niCE for building a filtered content of a counter-example to make the analysis of a discovered fault easier for a QA engineer.
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Free software under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 license.

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